Sri Lanka by scooter


The drive of a life


Sri Lanka is a beautifull country with huge diversity in landscape and climate.

Noticable over just a short distance in kilometers.

To me, the best way to experience this paradise island, is by scooter.

Total freedom to stop anywere you want, always your own seat and

you dont get so easily overheated as in buses or trains.


TropiTurtle, backpackers hostel and scooter rental, has a special offer

this season:


5 days scooter rental for only 4000rs (30 $)


From TropiTurtle you can reach all atractions in the south on a daytrip.

To see the hillcountry, cultural triangle and so,

you tell which citys you want to visit and when and we’ll find you suitable accomodation.

If you dont take any unnecesairy stuff, you can fit your bag or backpack on your scooter.


Scooter driving in Sri Lanka


Dont worry, anybody can do it.

Maybe you have heared about Asia’s traffic chaos and also in Sri Lanka traffic can be chaos.

But its just a matter of adapting to a different driving culture and than anyone, even me, can do it.


First of all, in Sri Lanka you drive left.

Second: forget your mirrors, you dont need them. Always look straight


Third: Listen, and use your horn.

People will use the horn when they want to pass you, or when the road takes a turn etc.

Fourth: forget about traffic rules and dont be surprised to: see vehicles sway all over the road, to be cut off, to encounter oncoming cars

or busses on your own side of the road.

Fifth: The rule of the strongest.

The bigger and shinyer the vehicle, the more space and right of way it demands.


First start on quiet roads before you drive into the busy city or main roads.

You can drive as slow as you feel happy with,

20 km were you could also drive 40 is no problem,

other drivers will take care.

Many Sri Lankans drive scooter and every body drives his own speed.

You’re on a holiday, if you wanna take a rest or just stop

to examine the traffic situation, look at your map or take a detour

so you dont have to cross that dangerous looking intersection, why not?

You dont have any appointments…












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