Yala National Park

30 October 2013


TropiTurtle's tour to Yala National Park


Me and 3 dorm guests went on a Yala safari yesterday.

We left at 4 in the morning, because we thought leopards wouldn't show after 8 o'clock.

But surprise, surprise - after i already thought elephants and wild boar were quite enough - around 10 we saw a leopard!

Licking his snout, yawning, relaxed, like he didn't notice there where any jeeps around.


— at Yala National Park


From Polhena to Yala is a two and a half hour drive.

It is the farest destination in Sri Lanka to wich we organise tours.But definitly worth it.


Because we put together a little group of different dormguests, the transport only costed Rs 2500 per person. staying a night in Tissa might cost the same.


We went in an airconditioned car and the driver had some interesting things to tell on the way.

The guests didnt have to miss out on their free breakfast, i brought some sandwiches with me.


In Tissa a jeep was standing ready for us. then it was still a little drive, cause the entrance rosd to the park is quite long.

We saw some monkeys even before we were inside the park.


It is true we frequently encounterd other jeeps. But i did not find that the animals where at far away distance. unlike some internet stories say that i've read.


It is adviseably to take a photo or video camera with you with wich you have a good zoom . You can use it as binoculars.


I found it especially interesting to see the behaviour and facial expressions of the animals.

some animals a bit shy like the deer and wildboar, others extremely relaxed like the elephants and even the leopard.

Twice an elephant came walking right at our jeep and walked past us within an inch of the jeep.

I couldn't zoom out enough to make a photo. After passing the jeep it slowly zigzagged the road as if not sure what to do with all the time on his hands.

This gigantic animal seemed to look upon us as if we where to insignificant for him to notice.

We also saw an elephant bathing. flipflapping the water off his ears when he came out.

Families of wildboar walked in line near the mudpools. Father and mother boar in front. Finding a nice stretch of mud to roll over in.

I felt being inside a nature documentary and it was great! TropiTurtle's Esther at Yala