Sinharaja rainforest Sri Lanka


Dear Sirs,


It is your job to protect Sinharaja rainforest against tea-estates. Still the rainforest is getting smaller and smaller every year.

Please keep a close eye on the forestborders, firmly adress teafarmers and urge the local government to punish those responsible.

authoritys must force teafarmers who took land from the forest, to take out the teaplants and give the land back to the forest.

So it is clear that there is nothing to gain from cutting the rainforest.

Various species of animals live nowhere else in the world except in this forest, if we dont stop this now, these animals will go extinct in 20 years!


Kind regards,

In 20 years we have no place to live

Our habitat, the sri lankan rainforest, is being cut down by tea farmers. Some of us, live nowhere else in the world and will become extinct.

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