Beaches around Matara

There are several beaches within a 10 km radius of the city of Matara.

These beaches are lying so close to eachother , but can be almost the opposite of eachother.

Their are quiet beaches where you can be the only one around and their are busy beaches.

Beaches full of locals and beaches full of tourists.

Beaches good for swimming, surfing or snorkeling.

Beaches from wich you can take a boattrip to go whale watching, dolphin watching or diving.



Polhena Beach


Polhena is the closest beach to Matara city. Only 2 km from the busy

city you this tranquil village.

Polhena Beach is very popular with local Sri Lankan tourists.

In the weekends and on Poya days whole busloads with Sri Lankans from

Colombo embark on the beach.

This makes Polhena Beach a special place.


The local tourists are, amongst others, attracted by the 4 km long coralreef wich

lines the beach.

In the midst of this coralreef swim colorfull tropical fish and big sea turtles.

You can do a guided snorkeling tour, or go diving.

When diving one can see big shoales of fish or even a mantaray or seasnake.


Departing from the beach are boattrips on the Nilwala Ganga river.

In this river live many crocodiles and you can see beautiful birds during this two

hour boattrip.

500m to the right of the beach is Polhena Surfing point.

For experienced surfers.


In front of the beach in the water lies a little island, called Galgodiyana island.

You can go there by boat. On the island is a tiny and desolated beach.

There is also an old Stupa to be seen.


Because the beach is popular with locals their are many shops on the beach were

you can buy goggles, watertoys, towels and little snacks.

Bikinis though are not for sale here. But why not try out one of the large variety

of local wimens beachwear for sale here: shorts and t-shirt.

Their is a public changingroom, showers and toilets available.

You can also rent inflated cartires to float on, all for almost nothing.


Since the locals do not sunbath, there is plenty of space on the deep beach to

position your towels.

The beach is very suitable for children because the sea starts shallow and only gradually becomes deeper.

also their are often many local playmates to be found.


What makes Polhena Beach the most special to me is seeing Sri Lankan


Many times whole families are singing, dancing and making music on the beach.

What in Europe only children seems to interest, here it is the adults at play.

Throwing sand to eachother, bury eachother, splashing water,

playing ball games.

Their is also lots of acrobatics to be seen. Young men builing living towers and jumping off it with a salto or making flips and turning chartwheels.

The locals are on holiday and eager to talk. Some talk english, but with hand and

feet or a Lonely Planet phrasebook you might even get further.

After a day of such intens interaction with the locals, you can head back to TropiTurtle guesthouse to share your experiences with other travellers and relax.





Madiha Beach


Madiha is a little village 1km from Polhena.

It has a small stretch of Beach with groups of palmtrees.

It also has a surfing point, called Turtle Surf point.

It is a pretty quiet beach, not much locals or tourists.



Mirissa Beach



Mirissa 10 km from Matara, 8 km from Polhena used to be a fishing village.

Now it is a famous tourist destination.

It has a beautiful long, though small stretch of beach.

Palmtrees hanging over the beach, leaving shadows in the sand.

The hotels and bars hidden away behind the tree line.

Truely a paradise like sight.

At one side of the beach there is a good surf wave for experienced surfers.

In Mirissa unlike Polhena, you will encounter many tourists and less locals.

It is also a great place to visit at night.

Bars are lining the beach and friday till sunday there is definitly going to be a party.

It is especially great that the bars are so close to the water,

so you can dance with you feet in the sea.

Because Mirissa is so close to Polhena, you can easily go out all night in Mirissa if you are staying in TropiTurtle Guesthouse.

You get a key of the front door and in Mirissa there are always threewheelers waiting to bring you home.

Mirissa harbour is starting point for Whale watching and dolphin watching tours.

Wich we can also arrange for you.